Eddyline Journey - Blue
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Eddyline Journey - Blue

The Eddyline Journey is a 15'5' lightweight kayak, great for day trips and shorter overnights. It features hard chines and a retractable skeg in thermoformed composite construction (TCC), adjustable back-band (not tall seat back), front 10" round hatch and oval rear hatch (all are Select Designs rubber hatches). Hip and thigh bracing are good, cockpit ergonomics excellent, foot braces are easy to adjust while in the cockpit. The seat has 3 inches of travel front and back to help paddlers dial in the correct trim and fit.

TCC is the latest manufacturing technology available in kayak construction. These kayaks are built from sheets of thermoformed plastic that are stiffer and lighter than the polyethylene plastic used to build roto-molded kayaks. As with fiberglass kayaks, these thermoformed kayaks won't warp or loose their shape over time. An added advantage is that thermoformed plastic kayaks are more scratch resistant than either a roto-molded or fiberglass kayak. These kayaks come with a 3-year warranty, which is an outstanding landmark in the kayak industry.

The new backrest/backband combo has a locking knob in the rear for setting the vertical height and an easy to reach cleat adjustment at the hip for the forward and back positioning. The backrest (or optional backband) is spring loaded upright and can fold fully forward for uncluttered easy access to the storage space behind. This system is comfortable for extended paddling trips and very easy to adjust to alter your seating position.

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